Tag Manager 360


Tag Manager 360

Reliable Tag Management system for scalable management of Marketing and Analytics pixels

Tag Manager 360 makes it possible to integrate tags for Analytics, AdServer and other Marketing Tools in a scalable way without too much dependence on the IT department. Workspaces and SLAs allow multiple departments to manage the Tags on the site.

Easy implementation of the Tag Manager code on the website means that later, implementing and adjusting tracking codes for various tools is made easy with the simple GTM interface.

GTM in a vendor-neutral Tag Manager, with templates for several Google Tools such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick as well as many other providers.

As an official Google Tag Manager Partner, Trakken takes care of the implementation of the website and apps as well as the integration of various marketing tools as a full service.

Using Custom Rules and Macros, even complex Tracking demands can be implemented.

Trakken is a Google Marketing Partner (GMP) and helps companies and agencies implement and use the Google Marketing Platform. Tag Manager 360 and other Google Marketing Platform products can be licensed through Trakken, providing a technical and operational partner right from the start.


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